Caroline Lacy

Front Deskie

Caroline is an LA transplant, hailing from just outside of Philly in Wayne, Pennsylvania. While she may be an East coast native, she is definitely a West coast girl at heart. After studying at Emerson College in Boston, Caroline moved to California to pursue an acting career (like so many others) and has never looked back.

While she may not be a Modo teacher, Caroline loves the Modo practice. After taking her first class on MYLA’s birthday in 2015, she has been hooked on hot yoga and has been practicing consistently for more than a year now. Caroline started out as an Energy Exchanger in November of 2015 and has just recently joined the Modo Desk Staff in September of 2016. She loves the community and is so happy she can continue to nurture her relationships with the wonderful people who practice here.

While not working/practicing at the studio, Caroline also works at Anthropologie and is training to become an indoor cycling instructor at Flywheel as well. She also walks a lot of dogs because while she loves furry friends more than anything, she can’t afford one of her own, so she lives vicariously through other people’s pets. It’s wonderful. Say hi when you’re checking in sometime! She would love to meet you!