Amanda Such

Modo Yoga LA – La Brea

Amanda fell in love and has been practicing yoga since 2001. At that time in her life, she was searching for balance and found it on her mat, all while owning and operating a personal training studio in south Florida and studying Psychology and Interpersonal Communication at Florida Atlantic University. After graduating University, she traveled on to work for the largest private builder in the states, selling homes in Charleston, SC. Her love for holistic health and the correlation to one’s mind increased and she continued her education, writing her Master’s thesis on the study of childhood obesity and the physiological implications to one’s wellbeing. She traveled back to Canada in 2010, where she worked to implement yoga and wellness initiatives throughout numerous elementary schools and started to build her private coaching clients. Amanda lives to learn and continued to deepen her understanding and knowledge in the field of health and wellness and became a Certified Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Amanda absolutely loves to work with individuals, families and her niche audience of women, who are searching for love. Amanda helps to redefine health and wellness, as she creates a phenomenal platform for her clients to truly thrive. Amanda’s hope is to teach women how to love themselves vs looking for love.

Having practiced vinasaya for many years, in multiple studios around the country, she will never forget her first Modo experience, needless to say it was instant love: the practice, the community, the feeling captivated her and there was no question it was going to be a lifetime love affair. Amanda began the Modo training in February 2013 in LA, what had planned to be an a life changing experience was, as she ended up in the hospital with a life threatening staph infection in her lungs. A humbling experience of awareness, compassion, growth, struggle and the process of rehabilitation. Two surgeries and six months later, Amanda officially became part of the Modo teaching family in the summer 2013, with a new appreciation for the benefits of this incredible practice and the journey to heal. Just wait until you experience one of Amanda’s classes, as she shows up with so much love to share – dedicated to create and hold space for her students to explore, experience and travel the journey as a yogi. Amanda live her life with an open heart, she blogs, coaches, hosts retreats, explores and most of all, she gives love. Amanda invites you to join her journey at