Chelsea File

Modo Yoga LA – West/Modo Yoga LA – East/Community & Events Coordinator – West/ Modo Yoga LA – Social Media Director

Born and raised in New York, Chelsea danced professionally for most of her life. She began to transition into the world of fitness as a young adult, and quickly developed a love for movement in any capacity. Unable to commit to one type of fitness, Chelsea decided to make the fitness world her oyster. She teaches currently at Modo Yoga, and has in the past taught at various studios including Brooklyn Bodyburn, Cyc Fitness, and Trapeze School New York. When not teaching, you can find Chelsea balancing on her hands, traveling the world, drinking copious cups of coffee, or simply busting a move to the best new music. In addition to her love for breaking a sweat, she also has a deep appreciation for indulging in the little things in life.