Lindsey Waguespack

Modo Yoga LA – La Brea/Modo Yoga LA – East

Lindsey hails from a small town in Louisiana. Midway through studying Interior Design at LSU, she felt an unexplainable calling to pursue acting. Two months later the car was packed and her and her parents drove down I-10 west for nearly three days. She went straight to studying and dove into the craft of acting that she knew little about. Lindsey completed the two year conservatory program at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. A year into her studies she found Modo Yoga LA thinking it would be the next best thing to her dancing background and a sweet workout. It was that and much more.

This studio managed to fill a void and become a home away from home. Between the community and the incredible teachers, she just could not leave. The practice of silent expression in yoga became the perfect compliment to the acting experience. After 3 1/2 years of a consistent yoga practice, she came to the conclusion that her love for yoga was something she needed to share. She attended her teacher training in July of 2015 and completed her 500 hour Modo Yoga Teacher Training in May of 2016. The most significant tool that she took away from her training was the importance of the continuum of learning. Her curiosity and ever evolving exploration of life and human beings has exponentially increased and is every day.

The fear of teaching taking away from her acting career quickly transformed into an exciting addition to acting when she finally understood that the only thing we want and need as humans is connection. Her way to connection is self expression, and both of these careers aid in this need. She believes that her yoga practice informs her acting and vice versa. With all of this said, Lindsey teaches from her own experiences and her own personal practice, which is the most important to her. Breath has saved her life and she contributes yoga for the knowledge to use it to her advantage. Lindsey is gracious and ecstatic about the opportunity to include more people in this life changing practice!