Teacher Training

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The Moksha/Modo Yoga Teacher Training is truly one of a kind. Whether you’re interested in walking the path to becoming a teacher, or you want to dive deeper into this incredible practice, it can be a life-changing experience to say the least.

All trainings are organized, managed, and guided entirely by Moksha/Modo International, not by Modo Yoga LA. To find out more about upcoming trainings and specific training details, visit the Moksha/Modo International website and direct any questions to teachertraining@mokshayoga.ca.

Though we don’t run the trainings, here are some FAQs we regularly receive at MYLA to help you out:

1. If I take the Moksha/Modo Teacher Training, will I be guaranteed a teaching position at Modo Yoga LA?

No, but you will get unlimited high fives. Modo Yoga LA cannot guarantee that a teaching position will be available within the LA studios upon your completion of training. We encourage you to embrace the journey and explore your practice free of expectation and result of where it may take you. Modo Yoga LA will post for teaching positions (which is quite rare) via our website when there are teachers needed and which you are encouraged to apply for at that time. Please see the hiring page on our website to see if any positions are currently available.

2. It says on the application that I need a referral from my home studio in order to apply, what does this mean and how do I get that?

Being a student of Modo Yoga LA and part of the Modo community, you have our support 100% to explore the teacher training program. Moksha International is aware that we support each and every applicant equally, so there is no need for a referral if your home studio is MYLA. That being said, they will contact us to verify that you meet the number of years and classes practiced. Moksha/Modo teacher trainings are sized appropriately so that you have the opportunity to connect to your experience and the experience has the opportunity to connect to you. For each training, Moksha/Modo International typically determines regional need for teachers and may offer up to two spots to applicants from LA based on their experience and other criteria for approving teacher training applications.

3. What happens after training is over and I return home to Modo Yoga LA?

Congratulations! We encourage you to leverage your recent experience to pursue the Moksha/Modo International distance learning program, which you are required to complete by the International team if you plan to explore a teaching position at any Moksha/Modo studio.

If you decide to move forward with the distance learning, you are on your way to the full 500-hour certification and will be assigned a Peer Support Group Leader through Moksha/Modo International to help and guide you along the way.  All assignments can be completed outside any Moksha/Modo studio from anywhere in the world. If you find yourself back in LA, we would like to offer you access to a Modo Yoga LA hot room based on availability and around our regularly scheduled classes to practice teach for a period of 3 months after your intensive program graduation date.

4. I applied for teacher training and have yet to be accepted and want to re-apply, what do I do?

No worries. Chances are, Moksha/Modo International still has your application on file, send them an email at info@mokshayoga.ca and let them know you’d like to be considered again. Good luck!

5. But for real you guys, I completed my teacher training, am fully engaged with this process and REALLY want to teach at MYLA. What do I need to do to get on the main schedule?

Step 1: Practice teach and hit the ground running. We have found that there is no substitute for growth as a new teacher than repetition and your ability to simply get the words out to find your voice as a yoga instructor. Schedule classes for your family and friends in parks, living rooms, rooftops, and beaches and of course take advantage of the hot rooms when they are available at the LA studios. No matter where or what the class is, take it seriously and teach an inspired experience.

Step 2: You have 3 months from your intensive program graduation date to practice teach and get approved to teach on the Modo Yoga LA Community Class schedule. When you have practiced your brains out and feel ready, send the studio development team an invite at teachers@modoyogala.com to come take your class. Based on availability, representatives of the LA studios will attend and determine if you are ready — provided that there is space on the Community Class schedule — to move forward.

At MYLA we honor you as a student and as a teacher and will require a certain caliber of teaching and taking in order to become one of our community class instructors. Community Classes are not compensated financially, but provide an opportunity for the MYLA students, staff and community to take your class and for you to develop your teaching.

Step 3: Continue to teach Community Classes for up to 6 months and keep your eyes open for teaching positions that may come available in LA or other Moksha/Modo studios. You can find our available positions through our website on the hiring page. There are many ways to get involved and stay involved with the LA studios. Dive in to all opportunities to connect to the students, fellow teachers, and community through things like community events, workshops etc.

6. Do I have to pay for class after I complete my Moksha/Modo teacher training?

We get it, training isn’t cheap and chances are you had to quit your job or take a full month off, so to show our support we will give you 11 months free of unlimited yoga starting from the day you graduation from training. This is one of our ways of supporting you as you soak up as much sweaty yoga as possible.

7. I just started practicing hot yoga at Modo Yoga LA, and its changed my life! I want to quit my job and become a teacher ASAP!

Many of the teachers here in LA can say that we have had similar if not the same thoughts near the beginning of our yoga journey. The practice, community, teachers, and sweat is amazing and transformative and know that these feelings and thoughts are extremely natural. However, we strongly suggest that you develop a regular practice (4-6 times per week) for at least a year before applying for teacher training. It’s an intense process to open up to all that the practice has to offer and even in a year’s time we are just scratching the surface. The year is a great period of time to prepare your body and your mind first in order to get the most out of your training experience.

8. I have no interest in becoming a teacher, but I am curious and want to explore the month-long journey and study with Moksha/Modo yoga. Can I still be accepted into the training?

Totally! The teacher training is awesome no matter what. It is an incredibly powerful experience to dedicate 30 straight days to yourself and move from habit to choice!  Amazing teachers are amazing people that are willing to really look at where in their life there is room to grow. The training is a wonderful place for this. Also, there is a $500 discount on tuition if you are pursuing the month intensive as a way to deepen your practice and do not wish to teach. For more information email teachertraining@mokshayoga.ca.