Emily Silver

Never thought I’d say “I’m a yoga teacher”, and I bet most people who know me outside of this context would say the same. But life is funny like that, “adulting” is hard, strange and mysterious and often leads us places we didn’t see coming. 

Originally from New York, I’ve been in Los Angeles almost 10 years and currently live between LA and Joshua Tree, CA. I’ve spent most of my life as an artist and a Professor of Art, currently on the faculty at Santa Monica College. I started my yoga practice about 12 years ago, but after finding Modo 6 years ago things started to get really hot and heavy (bad pun intended). I completed my Level one training in Kelowna BC summer of ‘17, Yin winter ‘18 and Flow in Vancouver Spring ‘18. 

When I’m not on my mat or teaching you’ll find me out in Joshua Tree where I’ve relocated my art studio to my weird hot pink compound.