Simonee Chichester

Modo Yoga LA – La Brea

Simonee (Simone with the “e”) has been practicing yoga for nearly 13 years. She began her Modo Yoga practice in Toronto Canada.  Under the teachings of co-founders Jessica Robertson and Ted Grand she immediately felt at home and she is eternally grateful to it’s community and all the teachers along the way that have inspired and informed her practice. Initially, yoga helped Simonee conquer anxiety attacks and depression. Since, it’s taught her the invaluable lesson of remaining present and curious and this feeds her journey and commitment of being a life long student.

Simonee did her Modo teacher training in 2011 after nearly 8 years of practice. It was a long time coming but well worth the wait. Since that time she’s continued to build on her love for yoga in the Modo Community by exploring subsequent teacher trainings in Yin and Vinyasa yoga. She currently teaches Modo, Modo Flow, Yin, Yang/Yin.

When not in the hot room, Simonee “loves to love” all animals and even has an Instagram page called Animals I Meet. She’s also an extremely talented filmmaker who writes, directs, and produces projects that she can attach her passion to. Simonee strives to combine the skills and creativity of her filmmaking with those of her teaching techniques. She sees a lot of similarities between the two worlds: both have a vision and a narrative, guided by a leader and realized by a group, communicating ideas to the world.